wisdom break

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

today officially marked day 5 post wisdom tooth extraction. the doc was kind enough to give me a long weekend to recuperate from the traumatizing 1 hour procedure, which was longer than normal especially i was only extracting one, ONE bloody tooth out. i mean other people who get 4 out at once can get in done in less than 30min. and before you get on your high horse and start trashing the doc, it wasn't their fault but my stupid tooth was the one who complicates things. as the roots had to grow at a 90 degree angle and it had to lie so damn comfortably on top of my facial nerve canal, which if you don't know makes the whole procedure quite risky as i may have a high chance of developing paraesthesia/numbness on my cheek/jaw, which i fortunately did not thank you god!

the whole procedure was not that bad actually. mine was done under local anaesthesia (LA), so i was conscious through out the whole thing. i had my gum cut open, and a very small part of the bone near the tooth was drilled to make way for the instrument and i tell you that was nothing. the tough part is when they pulled the tooth out. god damn i was in tears and i am not ashamed to shed it then and mine was so closed to the nerve so it hurt like bitch. after numerous try and me almost get off the chair and split, they finally divide the crown and win the most painful tug of war with the roots. i ended up having 3 stitches.


other than that i think the other painful part is post extraction when, i should have taken my painkiller earlier on before the LA wears off cause it took a while before it takes action and i was in agony for more than an hour before the pain subside. i was throwing the biggest bitch fit ever and even tries to convince my dental friend (the one who pull my tooth out) to give me another painkiller cause i thought the one i had was not strong enough then. but then by evening, the painkiller works and i even had strawberry sundae and cold porridge at mcdonald with the boyfriend :)

the swelling was horrible the next few days, it makes me look like marlon brando as the godfather. the only thing i can eat was yogurt, jelly, ice cream, mash potato, and cold porridge. everything leaks, it was a mess! the worst part is since i'm taking forever to finish up a meal, i literally get hungry soon after i finish 'em! 


at day 5 swelling was not so noticeable, but there is this yellow-greenish bruise patch on my lower cheek which i think can be covered up using light makeup. also i still have a very limited mouth opening so chewing is still quite a task. as far as dental hygiene concern, i had no problem using the mouth rinse that they provide on day 1, i mean as long as you took your painkiller and not rinse soon after the procedure, and i think i started brushing my teeth the day after cause i can't stand it. *OCD*

and to top it all off, i ended up pulling the OTHER tooth cause the one that i intended to pull was infected and i had to go through a course of antibiotic before getting it out AGAIN in a few weeks time and i don't want to waste my time going there for nothing so like an IDIOT i go ahead and pull this one out. *facepalm*

to think that i am gonna go through all of this again. le sigh. i am in knee chin deep now can't back down anymore. the only consolation is the next one will be done by a specialist since the other tooth is lying even deeper into the facial nerve canal than this one. so that's gonna be fun *cries hysterically*

phew, that's a long one. that's what she said.

the godmother signing off!

rash decision

Monday, November 14, 2011

after many years of complaining, bitching and in the end still tolerating the discomfort cause by my wisdom tooth i finally made a decision to pull one of it out, for now. i had made an appointment for the procedure and i'm gonna stop being a baby, grow a pair and just do it.

and for rest of it, as only 2 bottom one erupted, the pair above MIA, maybe next time or NEVER. getting one removed is just all i can handle for now.

oh, and the cool thing about this is, i had to do it for free, yay! and it is gonna be done by one of my best friend so i'm practically the guinea pig, yay? hahaha help me god. I AM TOTALLY KIDDING! but seriously, there will still be people supervising this and based on her track record i think i'm in good hand :)

maybe i can get Popsicle afterward as a reward like old times? non-sugary one of course, like an ice cube or a dozen.




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the registrars (postgrad doc) that were assigned to be under the same team as you were unfortunately the biggest dickhead ever just keep calm and well carry the fuck on. cause heck they are not gonna be the one who's gonna evaluate you at the end of the day. just find another registrar who are willing to sincerely teach you or better went straight ahead and pester your specialist/consultant.

problem solve.