They're Here!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is what I've been up to earlier this week. Online shopping! I never really was a fan of online shopping before as I had time trusting a middle person to carry around my purchase and the fact that I need to use my imagination to browse the item. But everything changed when I found out about Rootote, I really love the cute and simple designs that they have and instantly fall in love with it. But just one setback it is so expensive not to mention the cost of the shipping!

Luckily, I found out about TinyTapir. Other than selling reusable sanitary pads(I seriously never knew this kind of thing even existed prior to this!) this Malaysia based environmental friendly website also sells Roototes. Although in a lesser variety than of the Australian based but hey its better than nothing right? So, after long consideration I've decided to buy a rootote.

cute isn't it?

The procedures was easy when it comes to payment and the owner was very efficient. And I received my Rootote within 5days.

Its hard to not to get addicted to these things I tell you. After my successfull purchase with TinyTapir, I started browsing on Loving Minerals which is also another Malaysia based website for mineral makeup. I've long heard about this company and how well their service are. And I have just one word to describe them-->FAST!

The package+discount coupon! (bad omen for my bank account T__T)

It took only 3days for me to get my purchase. Well suppose to be 3days lah since I've missed the 1st delivery attempt I had to wait for the second attempt which is today. And I bought:

Monuave lipgloss+my FREE Everyday Mineral eyeshadow sample in Honey Brown

I am actually quite impressed by the product quality as I didn't expect it to be that good. Personally I loves the eyeshadow. The powder is really smooth and it doesn't crease that much. I am sure gonna get myself a few other colour next time since I have a discount coupon to be used (though its only 5% it is sooo tempting, Damn that loving minerals business strategy!!).


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sigh ok la gonna quit being so fishy (oh wait I cant coz I ate tuna just now for dinner and although I oredi brush my teeth my breath still smells so fishy eewww!~) anywayyy, grossness asides I missed the mailman today!! Huhu.. I got home around 12noon from class today and soon found out that the mailman came around 11.30. 30 freaking minutes! Sigh..since my building receptionist's couldn't help the tenants receive their packages, I had to call them and ask them to re-delivered my package again on Saturday. That's 2 more days to go. WAITING IS SUCH A PAIN!

Oh yes, still ain't gonna tell what's the package about will tell when I got it on Saturday. so wait with me hah!

PBL could actually be much-much more quicker just now as its just the first session anyway. But nooo the unluckily me got the most detailed lecturer that demanded us to cover all that we should know and let her know that we all know what we should know and later she ask us to repeat what we already know to her again so that she know that we know what we should know. You see even explaining it is that extensive imagine sitting there and repeating what you already know over and over again? *snap* ok nevermind enough with this shinanigan.

I am so totally addicted to Boys Before Flower. Biggest suprise ever well for me lah, Kim Hyun Joong(Yoon Ji Hoo) can sing! So ok he's a singer in a group but he sings really really well!! Sigh! and I think I've started to like him too huhu so sorry Lee Min Ho I like you too but you had to sing as well to make me love you more. But come to think about it I rather not coz he sings really really well too I might cant accept the fact that there is such a perfect person even exist and later die due to starvation coz I worshipped him too much until I forgot to eat. You know how the sayings goes 'mandi tak basah, tidur tal lena, makan tak kenyang' thingy. Or or he might end up not having a good voice but decided to sing anyway to fullfill the wishes of a dying fan but end up tarnishing his whole entire career. Wat if nobody wants to offer him any role oredi after that coz everybody just couldn't shake that ugly voice from his face and we couldn't see him on screen anymore how HOW?!!

*deep breath**exhale*

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Sorry that is so random but I just need to get everything out of my system.

Senior farewell party tomorrow. Really reluctant to go. Got this anti-social thing syndrome coming up somemore its a KFC dinner. Who do that? Sigh there goes my already unsuccessful diet. I mean what the F with these nonsense diet thing? I should start eating paper as for all I know exam is 2 months away.

OH EXAM the horror of it!!

*starts eating notes* ngom ngom ngom. Ok off to make some coffee paper makes my throat dry.

Sorry I can't Help Myself.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Huhu.. I have been very naughty lately. The things just kept on popping up and I kept looking, I cant help myself about it. So I did it. MySpace

Hopes everything turns out okay. *Sigh~


Friday, February 13, 2009

Been trying really really hard to cram for my assessment tomorrow but just can't help myself from being steer off from it. And there is still like a gazillion notes and pages that I haven't go through yet. I am so gonna F**k this one out. So much for my perfect score *wave goodbye to it**proceed by giving myself a virtual well deserve kick on my Gluteus Maximus* Sigh~

Drank a bottle of Red Bull earlier tonight so guess I wont be sleeping until 4 or 5. Never mind I can sleep during the stupid visit presentation tomorrow. No one will be interested enough to look at me drools anyway. *shifty eyes*

Parasites is disgusting. Period.

Went to Maybank to open up a new saving account but couldn't. Reason: coz I don't live near by and its suspicious. wtf. had to get a support letter for it. Lucky its not that troublesome.

I am so tired but I can't sleep. It must be the Red Bull.

DVD-ROM driver is working again. False alarm just need a good cleaning then its good to go. Took me 2 freaking weeks to think about cleaning it up before trying it again. Lucky I didn't send it for service I'd might wasted a week of lunch money on it. Moral of the story clean your driver Connie!

I had a tummy ache. Oh wait its gone now. Maybe because of the spicy tuna I took just now. Never mind its gone now anyway.

This post seems like it would never ends just like my notes.

I guess I'm angry about something. Or just simply depressed. I don't know. This feeling is very tiresome.

My plurk's karma is plunging dangerously low and I don't care.

Valentine's day is this Saturday. The gift doesn't seem that appealing to me but I hope you like it.

"Am I a jester in your court?" keep ringing on my head right now gotta let it out somewhere. So am I?

UPDATE: He loves the gift and I'm glad.

Kuching Here I come!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The news just in I'll be going to Kuching during my end of term break!!!

If nothing goes wrong of course. The parent already agree about it so I'm over the moon at this very moment.

But, I am not gonna let myself to be so overwhelmed by such euphoric moment just yet. As an exchange to the parent rare and sudden agreement on such request without any fuss/pleading (no kidding!) whatsoever I shall promise myself to studying muchos muchos harder for this term and get better grades than last term (T&C: Ok so the latter part is not exactly a promise but it shall eventually happen if I did the former part really really well right? Right.)
*big teary eyes*

So, this trip will be like some sorts of reward for me in the end lah. OMG I don't know why I am so excited about it right now I feel like I can finish the whole Microbiology notes in one night and totally lost my mood to watch the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango on mysoju! Yes, I am that thrilled! Pfft, what Gu Jun Pyo hello Immuno, hello Microb!!*wave feverishly*

Like seriously can you not tell that I am super-duper excited right now? *banana dance*

Yeah gonna travel again! I love going somewhere new who don't right? Especially if you manage to cut almost half of your expenses while doing it. Free accommodation, free food, having the best tour guide for free of course, free transportation (excluding the flight ticket coz I strictly wanna dig my own bank account(or my parent's hehe) for that so that I feel like at least I(/my parent) got pay for something *sigh~*).

For future reference, I am not going on this trip just because of all the free things or for the fact that the Boyfriend keep on nagging me about it but because I feel like I want to go coz I don't to like keep on contemplating about it and end up not going thus resulted in me regreting and wondering what would it be like if I go during my holiday.

Oh, oh, had to stop now gotta go study liao. Bye y'all.

UPDATE: Kuching trip canceled. Sigh~ nvm we still have next time don't we?