the end of the it-don't-feel-like-a-posting posting

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

heh kinda long title for a short post but the major celebration here is that i survived the dark ages of internet free. So yay :)

And I just finish with my viva yesterday and I think the lecturer have some kind of psychic power cause she ask all the the only things that I know. Double yay!!

So that's an official wrap to this posting.

Here's the but to this story, the end of this posting means it is time to prepare for the exam le sigh.


Turquoise HK with my turquoise cruzerblade that I won for typing a few words onto a picture that is my poster. Lucky lucky :)))

Picture was taken with my BB.

2 Diagnosis Made:

Abet said...

Wa.. connie... u have BB d? Jealous...~~

CoNnie said...

Hehe.. got it 2months ago and a satisfied user ^^v