Monday, October 31, 2011

haven't been posting anything lately cause i was getting too self conscious about what i'm about to write and ended up not writing anything at all. there, i've said it. this time i'm not even gonna use the oh, hey i'm a medical student and thus i won't have time to entertain this pathetic blog of mine card. cause i'm pretty sure nobody'll be reading this anymore other than the ridiculous spammer (if that is even human!!) on my shoutbox HA-HA.

but i'm not apologizing. yes, i'm not.

cause sometimes being an over-analytical, obsessing bitch that actually stop for alongfuckingwhile before i decided to speak out will ensure that i'll wont get into any trouble or attracts any unnecessary drama. i have enough drama from back home, the house and school. so much so i was getting pretty sick of all of it :(

and i thought keeping distance is enough. le sigh. i gotta find a better defense mechanism than walking away ain't i? like, stop whining like a bitch, bite my tongue and get on with dear life.

sooooo, i've numbed out is that a bad thing?


what am i doing? : orthopaedic 101. day 1 and i'm in the ot for major surgery. it was brutal. the sight of bone being saw, drill, hammered, nuts & bolts, wires, and leg bended on the most unnatural position traumatized me. but i was equally amused though. fine, actually i'm not quite sure on what to feel still. there's still 8weeks to go, this feeling might change.

time to go off, day 2 till uhm everyday of the posting is morning rounds. taa!


raping the replay button: pumped out kicks - foster the people. 

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ah^kam_koko' said...

See? Don't you feel better after you've blogged about it?

CoNnie said...

@ah^kam_koko': unsurprisingly, yes! missed it in fact.