second extraction.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the date had been confirm. i'm gonna spend my christmas weekend being a chipmunk. and not even a cute one. a mutated half puffy face chipmunk FML.

and to make matter worse, even though the procedure will be done by a specialist, my whole extraction procedure will be observe by the fourth year dental CLASS. but i doubt it'll be the whole 60 of them but definitely more than 10, i'm sure. but still. so basically i'm gonna be a guinea pig. RATS!


lets just hope this time it'll be quicker, less painful than the last one and i don't have a bat in my cave! 

Oh! and at least i get to enjoy my birthday (18th December, thank you very much) the week before *hint people, HUGE EFFING HINT!*

le sigh. why can't the freaking tooth come off by itself like when i'm 6.

counting days.

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