Rise and Shine

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This morning i woke up into this...

the sky from my window
the view from my window

Try as i might but i cant seem to remember what my dream is about. I guess its just one of those dream that you forgot right after u woke up.. shoot! maybe I'd dreamt a lucky number and didn't even remember it?!! * hyperventilating*

Anyway, i never realize that my view from my window would be this tranquilizing. The reason being that i am not a morning person or that i just dont open up my curtain after i woke up each day before going to class coz i just to damn rush to care about the damn curtain and the damn view.
But today is saturday, no class= no rushing needed. why i wake up early on saturday u ask? I know its weekends and i had plenty of reasons to sleep as late as possible and maybe just sleep for the whole day and just wake up to pee and eat something then go back to my slumber all over again. But i cant. Being a freaking medstud (medical student) that i am had cost me my sleeping hour and demanded me to study my ass off every single freaking day until i:
  1. become crazy ( believe me i'm at verge of it)
  2. had a sudden death due to boredness
  3. had caffein overdose
  4. can produce laser beam from my panda eyes
  5. decide to pack all of my medical books and sell them off and finish the money at one shopping trip. Not enough money to satisfy your shopping addiction u say? crazy ah? u know how much one book can cost? RM100++ You know!! and i had over 10 of them! u do the math.
  6. die of shock looking my reflection on the mirror. With coffee stained teeth, panda eyes, eye bags and unorganized hairdo. Gross!

But then i still forced to risk myself and just
guai guai de go study. heish..

By the way what if the number really did come out today?!! I would win me a shitload amount of $ if i buy it! Then screw my coin collection, i could use it to pay my bloody expensive tuition fee, go shopping, travel and probably bribe the university to let me skip my education and give my bloody degree already.. ok i went to far on that last one... but think what u can do with all that money?
Maybe i could donates it somewhere like Africa and change the life of many.. Hmmm....
Nahh... i should just stick to the original plan.. original plan goooood~
*evil-selfish grin*
oh my gosh i should start remembering really hard now!!

*oh! oh! i remember an 8 lucky number, rich number, goood number~*

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