Wise n Busy

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its been a while that the growth of my wisdom tooth had been bothering me but yesterday was the worst ever!!! The pain was unbearable!!!!
And yet I am unable to squeeze in a dental appointment!! This is so frustrating!!!

My assessment is coming up this Friday. So I am busy busy busy busy~~

But I am still looking forward to it coz me and my girlfriends are going CLUBBING!! It would be my first to go to one like ever!!yay~~
Hopefully it turns out just as i imagine it would be... Which is F-U-N! It is my first time so I want it to go super fun and memorable...

Just one problem though what am I going to wear??!! I seriously have no whatsoever idea on what to wear. All I know is I don't want to look like a ho or boring or like somebody's grandma trying to be Paris Hilton. Geez... can't believe I said that but hey u gotta admit that she's good and you hate it.

Ok that's probably not her best look coz I am too damn lazy wanna google for it.
But I guess u would like her a bit if she's look like this once a while..

Thanks Paris now I know what NOT to wear...

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