Of Flower and Kisses

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well more like tuna, egg and bread now. Ugh. I had a thing with tuna now its like a craving I cant not fulfill it and it making me talk gibberish. You can stop cringing your face now it'll cause u wrinkle.

*note: u can skip reading the next paragraph its all tuna talking*

I hope life could have been more interesting than what I'm leading now. Routine was driving me mad. I couldn't live with one it make me feel so rigid and lifeless. I woke up almost the same time everyday (read:late) , contemplating with oneself whether I should attend the oh so boring lecture and continue my sleep there or just sleep back here and just attend the lecture after that *thinking with eyes closed hoping that i'll dream of an answer*, decide to woke up anyway cause I am such a wimp to skip an important lecture and go get dress up lazily. Haiz, I swear if mum would see me like that she would probably be so irritated and i'll ended up like George Bush but the only different is I'll be half awake to dodge the shoe.

If you still don't get the tittle nevermind it doesn't mean anything anyway. Ok maybe it is partly due to the fact that Mr. Boyfriend is now officially 1 and a half hour flight away from me and things would remain as such for nearly one month period! My my I feel like single again *background song: It raining men* ok I'm kiding *change to sombre funeral music* there happy?! nggrr..

Question. Had you ever fought so hard for one thing and then when you get the thing that u want exactly as u wanted it to be like what u wanted you are not as excited as you thought you would be even though you've tried so hard to find the smallest amount of happiness for u to parade it around town and in the end u had to fake ur happiness and still parade it around town? No? Hmm.. I thought I mean I suppose to feel good about it right? The feeling of victory suppose to be all sweet and juicy but why mine felt so bland? In fact it feels so tasteless to me. Or I just seem to damage my tastebud from the hot peppermint tea that burnt my tongue just now or its just a normal thing that happen when u grew older or it just so happen coz i damaged my brain? Tell me tell me!! *big sigh* I want to feel victorious again!! *crying at the corner* <-- please ignore her I here blame the tuna again. T_______T Anyway need to get back to my oh so boring a.k.a lifeless routine and regain my lower limbs function and head to the shower before cracking my skull for my nutrition tutorial later on. Will getting a very strict lecturer tomorrow hopefully i wont woke up late and get myself lost tomorrow when i'm looking for my tutorial class. Damnit which room should i go again? Wisdom tooth is being an ass again and now it happen on both(!) sides. Been chewing like an old lady and diets are mostly consist of something soft and doesn't require any chewing such as porridge and TUNA! I want to put up some picture but could dig out any good one. T_______T Christmas holiday will start tomorrow! Not like I'm celebrating it or anything but any holiday is well I still not really a holiday coz I still had to do a whole lot off reading anyway. I shall stop before I drive everyone insane. Bye.

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