Mirror, mirror on the wall why do i look 2 tone darker?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sigh. Actually I had nothing against my skin tone I am completely satisfy by it and I really don't mind when my long lost friend said that I'm getting darker and darker each time she saw me. *Geez, no wonder u're a LONG LOST FRIEND!* And I still don't mind the fact that I am 2 tone darker now.


So anyway I happen to pass by the Guardian as it happen to be near my place and accidently bought myself a Garnier Bodylight Hydrating Lotion and Za True White Emulsion and didnt even realise it after I reach home. Seriously!! It's like someone put a spell on me and I couldn't recall the incident at all.

I mean come on, it would be pathethic to go and buy whitening product just because a few hundred people commented that you're getting darker right? pfft! who would do such a thing? *flipped hair in a very irritating manner*

So anyway here is the things that I accidently bought,

It is now time for you to practice ur squinting together with me now *squint, squint*

And the lotion,

Don't think u need me to tell u what is this pic about rite? Go see a neurologist/psychiatrist if you cant read the word on the pic.

Sigh. Now that I've bought it I had to use it now didn't I?

Ok review, review! Oh shit I just start using it so couldn't really say much about it didn't I?

But anyway, let us starts with the Za first,

The Eyes said: the packaging looks expensive but actually it is quite affordable
, made out of glass so not for the clumsy hands, a very good weapon to hit pervert or annoying people.

The Nose said
: have a very subtle calming kinda smell. No kidding!

The Skin said
: ahhh... I mean, the emulsion doesn't have a thick consistency it is almost watery but not drippy, white in color, get absorb rather quickly, and left a very soothing smell and feel on ur skin. However putting on too much will make ur face feel kinda oily and a bit sticky I reckon. So normally what I do is I just use a very small amount and since my skin is normal (not too dry nor oily) I don't feel sticky or oily after application. From the past experience of using Za Energex emulsion one bottle may last about 6-8 months! (note: duration may vary depending on ur thriftiness)

The Bottle claims that
: I have super highly stable Vit.C, can help diminish dark spot and acne scar (I can hear acne scar on my forehead singing 'Hallelujah'), make skin fairer, soothes skin and prevents breakout(non-clogging pores formula), rehydrates and smoothes skin and most importantly formulated to minimize risk of allergy.

The Purse said
: I say RM28.90 for 125ml is still ok but if got no effect will sure gone ballistic 1!!

I say
: Been using Za energex range for quite awhile already and so far no reaction whatsoever. what the bottle claims must be true or else...

So, moving on to the Garnier lotion,

The Eyes said: Must not look directly into the bottle under bright light the effect might blinding, the bottle is too yellow why they cant make it in pink or blue or green bleagh! Okay scratch green. let us continue, the cap is very tight and proven that content won't burst out when you accidentally sat on it*no I don't always accidentally sat on my lotion and burst its content out..pfft!**did I wrote/typed always? I mean never!!**and no I didn't sat on this one just to prove that it won't burst out when I accidentally sat on it, I'm just the eyes remember??!!**and stop questioning me with this sillly question!!!* Where do we stop? Ok that is all from the eyes.

The Nose said
: Have a very lemony smell. if you don't like citrus STAY AWAY!

The Skin said
: White in color, milky, consistency is not too thick in fact it is quite light actually and doesn't left you with that icky-sticky sensation. If you are looking for a more moisturising whitening lotion of the same price range better opt for Nivea whitening lotion but this one actually works fine for me in the moisturising department. The Lemony smells actually lingers all days on your skin so you'll have that fine line smelling either like you just finish your shower or like a walking car perfume.

The Bottle claims that
: I can make your skin fairer in an unstated time line so just use me until you see the result.

The Purse said: Rm19.90 for 250ml. Didn't burn a hole so I guess I'm fine.

I say:
Luckily it compliment the scent of my spanking new Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT from The BodyShop. In conclusion, I smell fineeee bebeh!!~

*Disclaimer: All product reviews are based on my personal experience with them. So if you happen to have sensitive skin and experience allergic side effects too bad!*

Oh, Mr. boyfriend had a super duper cute 2 months old Silky Terrier puppy and he is ignoring me over her but never mind u're too cute and greet me during 3G so I forgive u T______T. Yes, its a she.


Just thought that if she a he then Mocha will have a reason to fly to Kuching or vice versa to you know ahem with Dum Dum (that's her name now how Dumb is that? Joking, joking *hide from flying shoes*) and soon will have cute little mix-breed( I want to say the breed but sadly I couldn't identify what breed Mocha belongs to *long sigh*) puppies running around. Awwww...

But wait Mocha is like 5 years old and Dum Dum is 2 months old and that is like so much different in dog years!! Ewww it would be like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher except that in this case Ashton is a girl and, and Mocha would end up being a lesbian!!! *GASP*

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