Exam Fever.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exam is still 1/ONE/UNO/ICHI/YI month away and yet I can already feel the stress building up within me.

This maybe because boyfriend is busy preparing for his professional exam and something more close to home-away-from-home-home which I think is the major contributor ever is when u woke up early in the morning and stumbles on your housemate who was wrap in her comforter sleeping in the living room floor being overdrived from all those studying. Seeing her condition, I'd say overdrive is an understatement.

A few more days to go before she leave trails of notes all over the house and be a constant reminder for me to study. Gosh she makes me feel like shit. Why can't I study like her. Ok not to say to exactly like her lah but 1/10 of her would be a major improvement for me.

Oh well. This is what I did to release stress. Its not much coz I'm still learning.

I don't have any specific theme or anything I just well screw around with PS and the brushes I get from DeviantArt. The people there are just so fucking creative. I hate them to bits and yet adores them.

Enough contradicting myself.

Yeah I know what you're thinking. What exam? Pfft~

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