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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I suppose if today is any other day I would be overly delighted by Boyfriend's surprise visit during lunch today. But today is not any other day coz this day tomorrow he'll be going back to Kuching for his holiday. That means 1 month (!!) without him being 1 hour away from me. Sigh since when I become so damn clingy. Its not my fault okay who told him to treat me so nicely not that I wish that he treat me like lap sap lah but haih I am so well pampered now its like I am so fragile I needed a constant TLC wtf.

But then again I am so easy to please one just bring me good food then I'll be merry. Well that practically explains the weight gain T____T

Anyway, not only that he brought me lunch (read: PORK!+Roasted Duck I am in heaven!) he also offered to become my personal tutor!! A really garang one some more T^T What do you expect I'm slow in memorizing stuff. After a few knocking and few hundred attempts to break everything into something more easy later I finally could see dermatome, myotome, brachial plexus, nerve lesion to the upper limb and all the clinical thingy much much more clearly now. Why oh why we're not on the same uni? Things are so damn easy when you explain it I probably won't suffer so much like I do now.



Sigh~ enough ranting already despite of my utmost busiest schedule I could still find time to spare and killed it by watching Breakfast at Tiffany's!! Ya ya its a very old *ahem* classic movie but after watching it I now know the reason why people are in the craze to look for their Little Black Dress. I swear Audrey Hepburn was wearing the same LBD over and over again, dressing it up and down without looking like she doesn't have any other clothes to wear!

Audrey Hepburn
Now don't you feel like you want to go shop for LBD? Speaking of shopping JPA where's my MONEY!! If you're any later I'll be eating sand by the end of this term!

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