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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woke up quite early today. So I decided to make use of the early morning ambiance and study for awhile.

Realizes that it is already 7.20am, I went ahead with the usual routine: bath, wash face, brush my teeth, and whatnot.

While filling my eyebrow, which after you've done it you can't help to feel like you have one until you do it so now I had to do it religiously everyday, you dig? So anyway while filling my eyebrow, I realize the lecture this morning is one of those lectures that the lecturer just going to read back to you what she had prepared on the slides and everyone need to pretend like they are a bunch of retards that don't know how to read and just sit there and listen something like,

*picture of bone came out*

'so this is a distal ends of a femur, and as you can see it is red with cauliflower growth here *Long pause (cue for you to stare at the red thingy that she point)* mmmm~' (read: like it is something you can eat and it taste good kinda mmmm)

Hahahaha. How I wished to just LOL there but,
Nobody else seems to find it amusing!! Everybody was like stares. Not even a flinched!
In the end I just chuckled. Quietly. Chuckled. T____T

Class proceed until about 20min, she finish reading the slides and show the pictures about how neoplastic bones looks like then chiao~ 1 hour class --> 20 min.

Realizing this, the devil in me decided that (ceh, don't want to admit its my fault T___T) I am not going to the class.
So I continues with my revision and left home for the next class at 9.30am.

Forgot my keys for my microscope cabinet. But not to worry, everybody else forgotten to. Microscope : student ratio, 1 : 9, there is 18 of us in one lab you do the math. Glad the lecturer
with the fangs was cool about it . No kidding he got like this fangs incisor teeth showing even though he shut his mouth. Its like,

Bad illustration, but you get the point right?

He looks like he's related to Edward Cullen (hint: not the look though).
No, my lecturer is not related to Humpty Dumpty what so ever. He's actually a very skinny and tall person but I don't have space to draw stick man here coz he's that long I mean tall. Gimme a break ok I give him a friendly face, notice the smile? (*you look so delicious~ slurp slurp). God dammit! The pics looks so wrong.

Hmm.. Never mind.

I do manage to keep my mind off the fangs teeth and concentrate. He is actually quite a good lecturers freshly graduate I presumed, he gave us a lot of tips on how to go through the clinical examination. Like describing histological slides.

what do you see?


This is a histological slide of fat cells. FC = Fat cell obviously, BV = blood vessels, N = nucleus.

This is the simplest slide ever. Yes, I said simple.

And don't get me started on describing gross appearance of anything. They're just gross or worst I'll be ended up describing it like some sort of exotic delicacies. In case you've wondering, yes sometimes we are ask to describe the smell of the specimen. Have you ever smelled gangrene gas?

Oh oh, I got this one funny story that happen during one practical session for microbiology we had to do some test from the specimens taken from real patients. So during the session we were all ask to describe the gross appearance, texture (not like really touching it but like how you see it), bacterial colonies growth pattern, smells (some), and so on of the specimens given. So all the specimens were laid out around the lab and the lecturer explained what we had to do and not do during the session and we were on our own to mess around. My friend saw this specimen being placed on the table and had realized that the lecturer had forgotten to tell what it was. Being curious he open the lid of the petri dish and smelt it.

It was POOP.


He couldn't eat for like a week without thinking about it. The weird thing is it doesn't even look like poop. It was like creamy and looks just like it had been press from the tube thingamajinga you used to make icings of the cakes coz it was a perfect flat circle. *gags* Up until now, I secretly thinks the lecturers are there to get us. Coz there no such things as poop test mentioned that day.


So where were we, oh then I finish class. Walk back home, tapao my lunch on the way back, reach my room, changed, and continues revising while eating my lunch alone. T_____T How sad is that! Now sis can you understand why I always look forward for a lunch outside with company???

So in the middle of my second coffee break, all high with caffeine still, decide to type this entry.


Random: do you know typing so much can cause osteoporosis (at your fingers obviously) and carpal tunnel syndrome?

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CaRoL Kc said...

*LMAO*.. POOP.. hahaha..

okok, now i know why u always wanted me to go lunch with you.. although we're 45mins apart..