Infectious infection.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Viridae overload must blog. *crawl to laptop*

Taking a break before starting out another module. I don't really had any idea on what to blog about hence explain the excessive spacing in attempt to make this entry appear longer.

So Imma do like this,
like this,

and like this.
okay enuf.
enuf i tell uuuu~

Okay I'm so lame I can die from my own lameness. T____________T

(ok this is not part of the lameness its just the usual spacing, wait I just spoiled that didn't I?)


Pics from valentine's day to please the sore eyes.

It look so vintage! Looky got accidental thumb print some more!

Here another one just to be annoying. Hahahaha..

btw, I'm using the polaroid app for these pics don't have the link but that's why people invented google.

SO, one down another three excruciating modules to go!

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