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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Heh.. After weeks of drowning in my mountain of notes and finding a weird salvation in Hello Panda and become a Panda myself, I finally manage to go survive the most dreadful weeks of my entire life.

Ok maybe I exaggerated much but still GOOD BYE exam and HELLO anxious-result-waiting week. Y___Y Its blardy one week wasted on being anxious! what a waste of my precious-precious holiday. And and what if something goes wrong *nervous**fingers cross**too-much-pressure-cannot-tahan-already**cries*


Haha.. ok actually I've finished my exam like 2 weeks ago but just decide to post this up to kinda put an end to this exam fever shit cos I'm super unproductive like that. Hmm.. it got something to do with being at home eating good food, Astro, Mocha trying to steal my good food(wtf), and fast running streamyx *scratch head*


No more shitty food, shitty broadband and eh wait that's all for me to complain hahahahahaha cos I AM HOME NOW so list of things for me to complain also dropped exponentially hehehe..

Kbai wanna go enjoy home now.

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