I'm not dead.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"...But time is on your side
Its on your side now
Not pushing you down and all around
It's no cause for concern

Come on, oh my star is fading
And I see no chance of release
And I know I'm dead on the surface
But I am screaming underneath..."

Coldplay: Amsterdam.

It's so late now. Vacay is making me numb.

Repeating the same cycle over and over again is driving me mental.

I'm so desperate to break the routine. But things to do in this small town is so limited and even very small number of it caught my attention. Cause I am so bored I tend to see everything as boring too.

The internet connection here suck. I probably spend more time trying to connect it rather than being connected.

Nevermind that is why people invented TV. I've watched E! so avidly these days if there's a test about any celebrities I could write an essay about them blindfolded.

I even watch Martha Stewart God dammit! Garlic on toast anyone?

Speaking about food, I probably stop stuffing my face. Freshman 15 has hit me hard. Dammit with all the mouth-watering home cooked meals! Not helping at all! Embrace your curve thingy is just a way for meaty people to be in denial. *note the usage of meaty instead of F*t?*-DENIAL. Loud & clear.

Despite all the ranting I am still loving every seconds of it. Maybe its because I'm at home and thus everything is okay, everything is going to be fine.

Maybe I'll watch the 4 hours long 'Gone With The Wind' and cries my heart out on the tragic ending tomorrow, That might swerve the whole course of my daily routine off big time eh?

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CaRoL Kc said...

sia ada hantr tu 'dancemat'.. ko cek2 pos office..