Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Freaking Birthday Big Sis!!

I wish for all the best thing for you.

Have a blast today at work and when are you going to update your blog? It's been toooooooooo long since you last update!!

And as a gift, I shall not mention your age here. *cheap*


I am kidding.

Remind me that I owe you 2 charms for your charm bracelet. I know I've kept forgetting about it. sowieberyberymuchowkey. I promise to remember it after you remind me ^^|||

No pictures cause I can't find the perfect one to describe you.

Much ,
Lil Sis.

4 Diagnosis Made:

nurul khairunie said...

happy birthday carol. hehe

CaRoL said...

thankyou2.. nasib no picture.. hahaa..

and yes, where's my charms!!? >.<

christina said...

awww i want a big sister! or i hope my little sister will write something like this about me one day :)

CoNnie said...

@christina: ^^ I'm sure she would love too!