chapped lips

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm the type of girl who 'eat' anything that is applied on my lips. 
Reapplying or not my lips still prone to chap. 
I've used tons of lip-gloss, lip-balm, lipstick, lip-whatever, 
but nothing work.
I believe it's one of my lifelong mission to find something that could last forever on my lips. 
And does not taste/smell like cancer causing chemical toxic. 

 Anyway, picture is from the old(?) days where I still have my curly long hair. 
I think I'm beginning to miss my long hair. 


5 Diagnosis Made:

Nitin said...

talk about missing long hair.. i miss mine. but then its not like i can get that back right now. my mom is making me carry a lip thingie.. works well i might add.

CoNnie said...

@Nitin: I know right I hate it when you just cut your hair then you saw somebody with fabulous long hair walk pass you FML to the max T___T

christina said...

aw you're beautiful with long or short hair darlin'!
i need to wear more lip stuff that's good for my lips. too hard to find, sigh.

CoNnie said...

@christina: thanks christina ^^ *shy*
I tot i'm the only one with lip stuff problem O.o

Joy said...

astaga connie.. ur friend, nitin d atas looks alot like my friend! hahahah