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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its been eons in techno-years since I last updated this blog. Exam was long done for this semester, I have been home since last Thursday and currently have a highly flatulence pregnant dog sitting on my lap :) forever and even my pregnant dog had become a proud mummy now. Yes I am a lazy lazy blogger :( and right now I am wondering is there anyone left reading my blog *sigh*

Yeah right like that ever stops me before.

Anywayyyyy who here wanna see the new pup debut picture raise your hands like there's no tomorrow wtf.

But first...

The proud mommy ♥♥♥

the soon to be spoil pup :)) Ooh those tiny paw!! 

You know the feeling that when you see something so cute you had to resist yourself from squeezing it? It is exactly what I felt every single time I watch this little beast wriggling it's way around his mommy. O.M.G cuteness overload.


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Ken Albin said...

Ah, how cute!! Congratulations.

L Avery Brown said...

Yes, I am reading your blog! So glad you found your way back to the blogosphere! The pic of your sweet little canine addition is priceless.


ah^kam_koko' said...


christina said...

i still read!!! haha. i do miss you blogging though.
omg. i wanna puppy now.

CoNnie said...

@Ken Albin: Thanks :))

@LAvery Brown: I didn't know u read my blog *happy* Thanks!

@ah^kam_koko': Thanks!

@christina: haha..go and get a puppy now.

benazirjb said...

so cute! tp napa anak dia hitam?

CoNnie said...

haha sbb parent da dua2 pun hitam ba tu actually but bila tua pndi jadi grey ni bulu da.. err beruban la ba tu kan mksd da =_="

christina said...

i miss you blogging! come back!