Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi everyone! wuwu..sorry for being MIA or more appropriately MIB (missing in blogging), wtf.

The fact is I am not at home now watching the puppy grows rapidly in front of my eyes is kinda eating me inside. Since I leave the home just one day after he open his eyes, deep down inside I fear that I would become this stranger to him when I come back home on the next holiday!! Hence, long skype-ing session with the family and a futile effort of trying to grab cooper's (oh, we decided to name him cooper! and god knows how long we to decide on that name. LOL) attention and he is soo cute! Sad :((

He looks more like a bear's cub than a pup here.

What cha' looking at. 

What lah make me miss him more only. This is self-torture*sigh*

And as for why I have not been blogging as frequently as I wish I could is because I am kinda stress waiting for something. Waiting for a good thing to occur and waiting freaks me out. I truly hate it when I don't have the power to control the end result, how it would end and when the odds is 50-50. What if the just one minuscule force pushes the odd into the bad 50 and not to the good 50? What if there's not enough force at all to push the odd to the good 50? Maybe I'm just being neurotic maybe I'm just psyching myself out. Maybe.

But the thing is I've been on this situation before and the odd is pushed on the bad 50 and things was not pretty back then. I had a hard time accepting it but now that I finally got over with it am I be able to go through it again?

 * * * * *

Ok, now for some random pictures to soften things out. LOL 

Taken from my mum's garden.
I love this picture :))

Oh and Guess what I taken up a new hobby during the holiday. Fun stuff makes me feel like a little kid playing plasticine. Don't you just love art's and craft?

Aren't they cute?

I didn't do all of them. I just did the flowers, the fortune cookies, the present box, the pink bow, the yellow bubble gums, the square pigs and one of the mushroom(half cos my sis help me with it too). And the rest of the bunch is by my awesome sis! haih that last part came out like vinegar. I kid, I KID! You are great.

Here's the keychain I made for the Boyfriend's lil sis.


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ah^kam_koko' said...

Those little whatever-they-ares are really cute!

nurul khairunie said...

wahh connie make one for me! so cute eh all of 'em. i want mushroom juga hehe

benazirjb said...

berbakat oh kamu huhuhu

CoNnie said...

@ah^kam_koko': oops forgot to mention that I used polymer clay =) Thanks!

@nurul khairunie: Thanks hun! hehe next time I make one for u la k?

@benazirjb: Thanks ben! Haha ko pun apa kurang jg ba ;)

CaRoL said...

what do u mean "vinegar"?? -_-

Nitin said...

nice pics connie. its been a while since i have turned up here.. hows your classes been.. you have a collection alright.. too many :P

CoNnie said...

@CaRoL: :P

@Nitin: Thanks! Classes are as usual, translation: total madness, and the collection for the polymer clay u mean? haha nope, that we do for fun.

christina said...

you and your puppy and all those little arts and craft things are SO adorable.

i'm so glad you're blogging again!

CoNnie said...

@christina: Thanks dearie!!