the hair issue

Saturday, September 4, 2010

i suddenly have this sudden urge to have bangs. oh god if i really do cut it and it looks bad on me i am so eff up but then again points for having the balls and stupidity

and why do everybody must goes against it again? they made it even more tempting hurm. and what if it looks bad on me? i still can pin 'em up right? right. yes, i am as stubborn as a donkey.

now, lets just hope on that split second i grow a pair and just go for it. 

i've created a massive hoo-ha on my brain to cut hair that would grow back in few months. can i hear VAIN?

3 Diagnosis Made:

nurul khairunie said...

you'll look good with whatever 'do you have on you!

CoNnie said...

@nurul khairunie: Thanks hon!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Do it!
Take a picture while it looks good & post it up on ur blog.