Saturday, September 4, 2010

These blog has been left  stagnant way too long and i am so sorry for that. by now of course i figure that you guys had stop coming to my blog and miraculously hope (or not!ha) for an update which i couldn't really do due to the lack of wireless internet connection on the place that i was posted to. i feel that it is not convenient to bring my laptop all the way to the computer room and blog my heart out. but then again i have my blackberry on me so all the above is just a goddamn long excuse to sugarcoat the fact that i am just plain lazy to blog. so there you go folks.

so many things going on so fast i can't even think straight. blogging sadly had fallen way, way bottom on my things to do list :(

i still do went around and read all the other blogs that i've followed but i just really can't think of anything to blog about anymore. boo.

maybe i should try blog like a tidbit of what's happening around me to re-re-re-jump start (coz god knows how many times have i've felt like quitting) my passion for blogging.

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