i got green.

Friday, November 12, 2010

One thing to be relieve about the O & G posting. I didn't get the infamous red ward. Phew that's a relieve. BUT the bad news is my consultant ward rounds will include quite a number of the strictest professors around and though the ward round will only be held 2 days only as oppose to everyday for red ward, this would mean longer rounds.

Standing from 7-12? Just thinking about it made my back feel sore. Hopefully all those physio session is not a waste of time.

Despite all these it would be a lie to say that i am not looking forward to be back to the ward for the new posting. This would be one of the few posting that you actually can have the hands on experience where people are forced to trust you to help them deliver their baby. Even though  frankly speaking i am not one of those girls who will go ooh and aah in sight of a baby and definitely not looking forward watching one coming out from ones vagina but i certainly will give my best for this one.