why everyday should be mother's day

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On call was not so bad after all! Okay it is probably because after observing two delivery, normal and twin vaginal delivery I decided to went home and manage to sneak in 4hours of sleep before heading to ward again at 7am in an effort to conserve energy for this morning grand ward round that lasted almost 5hours ftw!!!!!11 *pat back for quick thinking*

Back to topic!

Whoever says that childbirth is a beautiful and magical moment is truly delusional. Cause it is not. You'll have difficulty in breathing due to your gigantic belly, you're in shitload of pain from the contraction, other than popping out a baby or two you'll pee, shit, ooze out blood and not to mention spreading your legs in front of 10 or so strangers who'll probably scream back at you when you scream in pain.

I must admit that after observing the twin delivery I was probably mentally scarred cause after the first baby was delivered I promptly texted the bf and tell him that if he decided to marry me, there will be some ground rule about twin. 2am in the morning. 

True story.

However for the sake of the continuity of human race, I am oblige to tell you that childbirth is not all that horrible. Imagine to finally able to put a face to the baby that kicked, moved and grew within your tummy for 9months. to touch, feel, hear your baby's cry and hold the baby on your arms for the first time and instinctively know that you'll do anything, anything for his/she well being. In that instance, your heart swells and all that pain you've just been through is worth it. 

I know this made me one of the delusional people. But to me those moments were the one that made childbirth sacred, beautiful and magical.

Thanks mom for bearing through hours of tremendous pain and raised me to the person that I am now. I promise to do everything in my will to make you proud.

I love you mom.

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