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Sunday, December 5, 2010

i always love to go shopping during the festive season the mall decoration is always so amazing especially during christmas. went out planning to watch narnia today but damn ticket sold out like hot cakes so ended up shopping   (again, sigh i know T___T) instead.

the mall is covered with huge teddies and other doll thingy!!! 

spot the door.

i say take my picture this way, this way *snap* 
communication fail. 

seriously, whoever did the mall deco at midvalley did a splendid job the deco is so CUTE!! there's 6-7 foot teddy everywhere and they were soft, squishy and oh so huggable. everytime i saw one i just had to resist the urge to run towards it and just hug it. seriously. but i didn't coz i'm a freaking 20 something T_____T.

eh, but wait. what i'm-a-20-something-so-i-don't-go-and-run-towards-the-cute-huggable-teddy?

teddy why so high up?
look what the bf gave me.


and lots of 'em too. this is one of the many reason why i love u. less than 3 my man less than 3.


suffice to say i am a happy not so little girl :)

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ah^kam_koko' said...

I've been following your blog so long & this is the first time I actually saw you!

Looking good! Lucky BF!

CoNnie said...

@ah^kam_koko': thanks :D!!

CaRoL KC said...

rocky horror~~~

CoNnie said...

@CaRoL KC: i can smell jealousy 1622.68 kilometers away. Hahaha.