surviving on call

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

with the midwifes specifically.

Step 1:
read ahead and know your stuff prior assisting in the labour room. if you are thaaaatt stupid (quoting one of the midwife here) observed buttload of labour until you grow an extra set of vagina.
Step 2:
as if growing an extra set of genital is enough, you need to develop thick skin as well. being scolded, tease and humiliated in front of your fellow friends, housemans, registrars, patients and their kins by the midwifes should be like a second nature to you. midwifes yap, filter out the important points mute out the unnecessary details, look indifferent, occasionally nod and leave.
Step 3:
show no emotion *refer to step 2*. breaking down is a waste of energy. being on call is not just the matter of surviving the 12hours but also surviving the consecutive 8-5 the next day. besides, tears are like midwifes magnet. it increases the midwifes affinity towards you. translation=BAD. however if crying is inevitable, do it privately. 
Step 4:
learn to accept your mistake and the midwifes' mistake as yours as well. cause in their mind you're always wrong. being indifferent is the key here. besides, patient's safety is still the priority. Hence, pointing out the midwifes obvious mistake is necessary despite the risk of getting scolded. so, INDIFFERENT. 
I might have gone loopy from all the mental tortures and the physical exhaustion from this posting but call me crazy or a masochist to be exact, those *bleeping* midwifes is the ones that got me thinking if this is the profession that I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I never felt so sure of myself until last night.

But I probably wont pursue Obs n Gyn as my field though. Cause hey I might be a masochist but I'm not thaaaaattt stupid.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

They cant make you feel bad if you dont let them.
You can choose how you want to feel from their abuse & how you react to it.
Dont let them make you indifferent or uncaring.
You are an overcomer!

Abet said...

Hey.. come to think of it.. i thought u were going toward the derma/skin field..? what gives?

CoNnie said...

@ah^kam_koko': indeed they can't! they didn't make me indifferent towards the patient they just made me feel indifferent to their nagging. That I do to keep me sane LOL

@Abet: I am still!! It's just that we need to go through all of the postings during our undergrads before specialising on a particular field during our postgrad.