Angry Birds

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

choosing not to go back for midterm holiday is the worst thing i ever convince myself to do. here i am thinking that the week would move on so fast i wouldn't even notice i'm in a holiday at all. okay fine i exaggerated that part but time move super slow when you're in a holiday and you're not spending it at home. maybe it's because i am all bitter and sad about not be able to go back home in the first place. maybe.

true CNY holiday is just 3weeks to go or shorter if i *cough*skip few days of class*cough* or by some miracle i could convince my lecturers and group member to postpone the class till after CNY and then i could proceed to buy the most friggin expensive flight-cause-i-haven't-bought-mine-yet ticket. also true that by doing so i shall have more time to do my CNY shopping here. but frankly speaking after 2months of busting my ass in O&G the last thing i want is to be stuck here during the holiday.

I wanna go home. BAD.

*long sigh*

clicking my heels 3 times won't help. i better go kill some times by killing some pigs on Angry Birds.

4 Diagnosis Made:

Abet said...

U haven't bought your ticket yet..?! abis la.. Rm800+ oo

CoNnie said...

i dare not to look at the price of the flyt ticket nowadays T___T

but i od buy the ticket to fly back kl la.. but still Rm300+ kan. diuu.

ah^kam_koko' said...

What if you took a bus?

CoNnie said...

to johor and then proceed on by swimming back to kk. Now that shall save heap of money!! XD