Day 2 Surgery Posting

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

spent at home doing, ehem "self-teaching" cause i am suppose to be free until the end of this posting this Friday. After 2weeks (1week of actual holiday+1week of free time doing nothing+the whole 2weeks of wondering why the hell didn't i go home in the first place *sour*) of holiday which consist of series of intense sleeping-eating marathon, occasional heavy shopping and long hours of Angry Birds, an extra week of "holiday" is kind of redundant. I think i shall go rusty if i don't do any studying so i declare that i shall be productive this week and probably finish reading up a few surgical chapter!!*ambitious*

on another note, guess who is excited for CNY?!

ME! ME! ME! wtf. All the free time on surgical posting do come handy in time of holiday season cause i can go back early for CNY and that means i'm gonna be home by next Friday! *bananamandarineorangedance*

All this excitement is making me hard to concentrate on being productive. wtf.

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