Gastro+Orgasmic= Gastrorgasmic.. Geddit?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wake up too early today and the still dreamy me go straight to my wardrobe and plan what to wear to go down for breakfast today. Then I find something really wrong. Why do this hotel room looks so familiar as my room ah?? *rub eyes and blink 10 times*

It is MY room. I'm at KL now. Boo~

I just came back from a 3D3N trip from Penang yesterday. The 6 Hour (!!!) trip back totally worn me out I mean seriously after reach home from Pudu I unpack my mountain of dirty laundry which I know i will break my back washing it, shower (reluctantly shower T___T, 6 hour remember??), then straight away sway into my wonderland as soon as my head reach the pillow-my pillow not some cheap hotel pillow.

But as happy as I am being back to my room, I suddenly come to a realisation that being back to KL means no more good food to fill my stomach. 12 hour post-Penang, I now crave for more Penang food.

So now, I decide to blog about the Penang food to fill in the void in me(cehwah! sounds so damn emo lah pula -___-)

note: This blog contain pictures that can cause excessive drooling. So please prepare towels/tissues/cups/mugs/bowls or whatever to to wipe away or to catch your saliva before moving on. Viewer discretion is advise.


Lazy arse! thought I told you to get something for your saliva. Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

First day

Eat Lor mee and Duck thigh in herbal soup (sound so healthy but its nice oo!! *defending* well actually forgot what it called but the name I gave explain what it is od right??) for breakfast. Sadly I didn't take any picture of the foods coz after taking 6 hour trip (26sept on 11pm-27sept 5am, explains the 3D3N) from KL to Penang and had to wait at the bus terminal before we take taxi to Georgetown and finally check in our hotel at 7am you'll be too famish to even think about taking picture of the food. T____T feel so regret for not taking it now.

Buah Berangan. I dunno what they called it in English but the smell of it alone can make u so dreamy. Angan-angan= day dreaming. So Berangan= day dreamy lah kan? I love the smell of it. Boyfriend say it is roasted together with coffee beans that's why it smells so damn delicious. Apparently KL oso got sell one but I got no transport to go to any pasar malam here at KL mah so I never eat it before lah. *shy*

Tambun biscuit. I tell you this iddy-biddy tidbits can be so addictive. It is bite size so that you can easily pop one into your mouth and choose either to chew it or just let it melt in your mouth slowly savouring the taste. Mmmm~ *wipe drools* And please take note that I took great effort to resist myself from eating the whole biscuits and just bite the biscuits in halve just to show you how the content look like okay!!

Eat Or Chien= oyster fried with eggs. They said that Penang Or Chien really nice one but this one doesn't taste thattt good to me. Maybe I go buy at the wrong stall? and boyfriend coldly says that it is not tasty and keep saying that Kuching one is better and served in bigger portion. Uhmm... wonder how it would change my view towards this one or not.

Char Koay Teow. You can find the stall that sell this scathering almos
t everywhere throughout Penang cooked with different style. About the taste rating is about 5/10 for me lah cause I am not a big fan of fried noodles/koay teow but the fresh prawn that they used. Now that's another thing to talk about.

Prawn that they use in most of the ingredient in penang food are so fresh that it can make your mouth water and might gives you gastrorgasmic just by looking at it. No kidding!! The people of penang seems to master the great skill needed to cook the prawn just right. Not too raw and yet not overly done. cause i hate it when my prawn are still slightly raw cow it got this very gross taste of seafood and if it is too overly cooked the prawn will shrunk and lost its sweet juices. In Penang the prawn that they cooked is just too good that no word can even explain it...its tenderness, the flavour, the sweetness of its juice that flows into your mouth and the sounds of it when you chew it is just simply mind blowing.

Ais Kacang. Or we in Sabah we call it ABC for ais batu campur. This is just pure genius! Whoever thought of putting icecream on top of ais kacang deserve to get a noble prize. They really make people happier. Well, minus the fact that it add up the extra calories T____T. But hey, screw that extra calories I'm on holiday so i can eat whatever I want if I say I want icecream on top of my ais kacang you better give it to me! *inhale exhale*

So with that hearty meals I finish my first day at Penang. I was so full I can't move. After everybody finally manage to get on their feet that we finally walk back to the hotel. But then since the trip back are so far away from the hotel, we quickly become hungry again once we reach our rooms.

OMG one day in Penang I already turned into a possessed pig who can't stop eating!

Second Day

Woke up reallyyy early so boyfriend and me decide to walk around Georgetown and take breakfast afterward. Georgetown is so..OLD Historical. Okay, now moving on to what I take for breakfast.

Curry Mee. OMG!!!!11 Gastrorgasmic again!! This is SOOOO nice.Got Prawn *heart*, diced pork blood, taufu, tauge, oyster, sliced squid, mee hoon and noodle mix together in an coconut milk+curry paste decorated with pudine leaves. Mix all the concoction together and it taste FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!1

Indian Rojak which was made by chinese (does it mean that it's chindian??). Suspicious with the taste but the uncle claims that his indian rojak is famous ( among the indian??) so we gave it a try lah. Rating 6/10. It taste almost the same as what i can find at our faculty cafeteria but with a much more better sauce lah of course.

Kon Low Mian. This is my friend's order actually but she ask me to order cause she forgot to ask the lao ban to add noodle in her beef balls (no pun intended) soup. T____T Don't know how it taste like too forgot to ask my friend. But judging by the time she take to gobble it down it must have taste very good. *gulp*

Went to Penang Hill. Which is sadly closed down for maintainance. Boo~

On the way to Kek Lok Si Temple. Stop at a restaurant before going up to the temple and order Asam Laksa. Another Gastrorgasmic delight T3T~~

Finally after we are fully recharge we finally climb up to the temple. On the way we saw this ponds full of turtles. FULL!! The turtle are practically fighting and kicking with each other to get into the sun or away O.o!!!

Went to snake temple afterward. Forced by boyfriend to see the snake exhibiton.

And that is the most Giganormous snake I have ever seen in my entire 19 years of life O.o!!!~ And this one can swallow a full grown goat (big one!!) whole!!! Almost die of acute myocardial infarction and hypoglycemic because standing to close to so many snake at one time. I feel like my leg turned into jelly after finishing the exhibition. boyfriend plan to cure my snake allergy by exposing me to so many snake at one time back fired. I'm officially incureable Waa!!~~~

Went to Gurney Drive. Leg turn no jelly no more after the smells of food. On that time my tummy turn a somersault knowing that it will be well feed again.

Cendol. Hey they got red beans in it lah!!

Rojak Buah. The sauce is homemade and it taste really goooood.

Otak-otak. Its big and to a dissapointment it doesnt taste as good as it look. A total waste T________T.

Char mee or fried noodles. It is tasty. But I still prefer the one we got at Tamparuli, Sabah.

Siput duri. Look something like the siput sedut but dont ever suck this one coz you'll end up poking your nose instead. You pick it using that sate stick and dip it into its sauce and yum yum. It is very sweet.

Lala. It is fried with anchovy and flavoured with curry powder. I'm not a fan of it but everyone else seems to like it very much. *shrug*

Muar Chee. Its uhm.. something sticky like a solid white sticky thingy that is mixed with peanut powder, sugar, and more peanuts. It is sweet and chewy. Out of word T____T. But it does not come from Muar, Johor! Already confirm that with Boyfriend.

Fried Prawns, Fried calamaries, and fried chicken skin!!! It's a lie that anybody don't like fried chicken skin. Remember that whenever you go to KFC or eat fried chicken that you always keep the skin to the side so that you can eat it last coz its the best part of all?

Penang people are so clever that take away the chicken skin, fried it and later sell it to stupid Sabahan people like me who would die to have it. So not only that they gain profit they also become healthier coz they eat skinless chicken mah. Clever right right?? Right.

Day two finish with me being overly fed once again. My tummy start to show some bumps but I sleep with a wide smile on my face that night. Heee~~

Third Day

Went to the market and ordered Kuay Kak for breakfast. It is a bit too spicy for my liking. Rating 6/10. Apparently the lao ban gave us the wrong plate from another customer that ask for their to be extra zing T____T.

Bak Kua or Rou Gan. Never seen this one at Sabah before. My Penang friend claims it only can be found at Penang. Life is so unfair Cause this taste better than any Bak Kua I've ever taste before. Another Gastrorgasmic momentos. *big teary eyes* And this is by far the best food I've ever take for the whole 19 (almost 20) years of my life!! *fireworks background*

Went to Chocolate Boutique afterwards and taste like 20++ different types of chocolate. Didn't take any pictures cause to intoxicated by the chocolate.

It is raining on the last day so can't really go anywhere in the morning. Before checking out from the hotel me and Boyfriend go and take a quick bite. boyfriend mumble the name to quickly and pretended not to listen to my question afterward and just continue shoving food into that tiny frame of his. T____T

Later that evening after check out we straight away take Rapid Penang and headed to the bus terminal.

After the gastrorgasmic experience I had in Penang I can't wait to go again. Hee~

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CaRoL Kc said...

ko ada p timbang ka berat ko baru2??

i n d e n said...

cilakak punya post..

mo pingsan sia baca (actually i skipped all the cakap2 part. hocuspocus on the pics more whahaha).

ouh shiet. i can hear drum beatings.

LAPAR! demmet.


CoNnie said...

Wahaha..amazingly my weight stays the same tau O.o!! LOL i was so HAPPY!!
bah skrang bla kta mo p penang g ni??