I'm so Blurr~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feel so guilty for not been updating recently. U see i dont have an interesting life to blog about.

Anyway i am here now typing this blog to kill time and hoping i could find something to do other than stuffing myself with comfort food to go through my sucky life. *sigh*

I LOVE holidays. why?

Needless to ask? but anyho i still will continue to rant about it in a few words about it (Lie). i like holidays bcoz for the obvious:

  1. can wake up reeeaalllyyy late and nobody to scold u for it. (well usual day got class mah if late will kena tiao by the lecturer in front of 200++ people mah)
  2. no PBL!! woohoo~ (for all those who dunno wat is a PBL is its actually a session where u r given a trigger about an imagination patient where you had to guess what illness he/she had and then u had to generate a looooong list of learning issue(things that u think its important and u need to lear about it) and study all about the things dat involve the sickness. I lost u didnt i? haih.. nevermindT____T)
  3. eat for free!! homecook meals somemore= heaven.. i heart momma cooking nyummmm~ dat explains the recent weight gain T______T*
  4. speedy internet connection!! i end up not willing to close my laptop for the whole week of my holiday just bcoz wanna download so many things!! lucky it doesnt explode..
  5. become more fairer. not that i'm not fair enough but seriously go to stay at my town for a week then u see the result urself. cheapest whitening treament ever!!(well if you minus all the travel and living expenses for u to come to my town lah)
  6. ermm..gona leave it empty to fill in later.
  7. I think i'm done.
but sadly its holiday no more for today.. boohoo~ class starting today and its 8-5 one somemore!!!!? the admin are merciless humph!

sadly today things didnt reli goes well for me. I'd change change my contact lenses with a new one today and stupid me wear it straight from the box and didnt even got tym to soak it for a while or spin it in my contact lense cleaner for a while coz i'm kinda kelam-kabut dis morning. It was the worst mistake i ever done!!

after i was like reach my lecture hall and prepare for the 1st lecture od my contact lense start to buat hal. it moves each time i blink my eyes and i need to kinda like place it back where it belongs. Not only that it make my eyes super itchy okay!! i ended up keep rubbing my eyes all day and now i look like a bee sting my eyes or something. Plus the eye shit keep coming out and i had to like remove it each 5 minute or so. thats why lah padan muka who told me not to spend just that 3 minute to spin it on that cleanser 1st now got swollen eye who the one that malu?? who who??!!

So,tomorrow gonna wear glasses od. Hopes the swell resides by then. T______T

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