Happy Monthniversary!!!!!!!!111

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mr. Boyfriend stop by at my house today. At 9am(!!!) in the morning T_____T

Actually he'd been begging me to do a study date since like uhm.. gazillion years ago just that I am so lazy wanna had to dress up and act proper when I am studying with him. But since the whole hostel just left him alone and the cafe are close for raya holiday, I would be cruel if I let him catch mice for lunch and dinner.

Hahahaha... mice for lunch & dinner... Hahahaha *wipe tear* Okay enough with lame joke. *serious mode on*

So armed with lecture notes and 4 packet of porridge (me, him, and fellow housemates) he came. And guess what the porridge taste so good that I actually eat like a slob in front of him. So act proper. Haih.. why am I like this one T________T

But me eating like a pig in front of him is not the main topic today. Today is the second day of the month again so that means that it is our 15th monthniversary day!! Before I had any chance to say the usual Happy Monthniversary wishes to him he quickly asked me to get him some water. When I come back with the water he did the sweetest things ever. He surprises me with a bouquet of purple roses!!!! Well not really a bouquet lah just three roses only just to represent the 3 icky words that I just love to hear he say..Heee~~

ZOMG I'm so like a love sick puppy now. T3T

Love you boyfriend Happy Monthniversary.. Big X & O!!

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CaRoL Kc said...

yeeee~ mana dia beli tu purple roses... i want one too..