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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Study week!!!

Yes it is not a typo I really do have only one ONE! bloody week for me to cover/revise/re-read 4 FREAKING modules that consist of mountain of lecture notes and require tons of reference books each. T___________T

How annoying it is to find out that even though you had previously studied until you've vomited/cough/shit(?) out blood and in the end you still had difficulty to remember all those notes? why why WHY?????? ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~/floor

*slap self*

I mean how hard it is to remember parasympathetic* cause erection and sympathetic* cause ejaculation huh huh?? That's nothing.

But memorizing the mechanism of action, side effects, indication, and not to mention tongue twisting names of more than 15 different types of drug from one ONE! single sympathomimetics* and adrenergic blockers* lecture notes?!! Now that's hell baby!

I'm glad that I didn't choose Pharmacy coz damn I hate Pharmacology!!

Hate it.

Still very very Hate it.


But I know no matter how intense my hatred towards Pharmacology I would still had to go through it and it would still be the most worn out and ugliest text book that I've own due to over usage/flipping/highlighting/sleep on/drools on/spills coffee on. *sigh*

Ok ok gtg, had to pump myself with Red Bull* to spare myself from that unnecessary arrhythmia and diuretic effect of coffee and go study till my brain hypertrophied*.

Yes, only for the hard-working people.


Bye. *gulp gulp gulp, Ahhh~*

Random: you like vampire? No I am talking about the incredibulously hawt Edward Cullen* *faint*, but his funny great-great(x100 to infinity and beyond~) great uncle
Count Dracula. Haha, ok fine they are not related or do they hmmm?? But anyway the movie is super funny ok. So go laugh your Gluteus Maximus* off.

p/s: Asthmatic people are advise to prepare your inhaler as excessive laughter can cause asthma attack. Laugh at your own risk.

Footnote (according the order of *), coz I am nice enough not to let you lost:
1) No, no this sympathetic doesn't mean that u feeling pity on anybody. So u feeling sympathy DOES NOT cause ejaculation (guys u can breath now) and feeling almost(para) pity wont give u erection too.
2)err. You don't wanna know it. Really wanna know? Ok, it can give you headache. No kidding.
Red bull still contain caffeine. whoopadeedo me so happy didn't know that 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine IS caffeine. See this is another reason Pharmacology suck! Interested? Read Red bull.
4)Increase in size of tissue or organ due to enlargement of its cells.
5)Seriously? NEXT.
6)Ass. Not you the word.

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