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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is the time where I should be having that brief moment of panic attack and went cuckoo for uhm approximately 1 hour become too tired to notice any rocking sounds my bed made and finally drifted off to that unwanted excessive sleep that cause all this mess in the beginning. Yes, that is confusing but luckily I manage to get hold of myself and left a bit of sanity for me to type this blog entry and bore you with these senseless sentences that my fingers made by punching the alphabets on my keyboard. T_________T Help I'm trapped in this body of mine!! Who the hell type all those things that you just read?

*slap self*

Okay I'm back. Like I say panic attack.

Anyway I've been thinking maybe I should be including something medical mumbo-jumbo like maybe an entry about acne? Or menstruation/period or like why we couldn't eat after 7pm and why coffee could make your breast become smaller (wtf!!), well you get my point. Maybe next time coz I dont know what topic type about yet and I seriously need to finish deciphering this whole bundles of lecture notes.*flipping through pages* Why do everything needs to be short forms? They try to make us feel dumber izit?? T__________T

Omg! My housemate was like so good in studying long hours. She could like study the whole day and would like totally glued to her chair or to her book and would not move unless if it is necessary like going to the loo/eat/entertaining the bored connie asking her why she could stand studying so long and trying to get her to teach me her secret in studying long hours. she was like a motivation for me to study coz whenever you saw her you would feel like you dont study enough (why do I sounds like a bimbo suddenly??). *steal a glance at her while typing this just in case shes coming*

I'm gonna stop now. I am so wu liao T_____T.

2 Diagnosis Made:

CaRoL Kc said...

Ooo, so that's why all my bras didn’t fit after the final exam….

Nescafe give the same effect ah??

Anonymous said...

well this articles says it could.. but maybe you just loss weight?