Kuching Here I come!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The news just in I'll be going to Kuching during my end of term break!!!

If nothing goes wrong of course. The parent already agree about it so I'm over the moon at this very moment.

But, I am not gonna let myself to be so overwhelmed by such euphoric moment just yet. As an exchange to the parent rare and sudden agreement on such request without any fuss/pleading (no kidding!) whatsoever I shall promise myself to studying muchos muchos harder for this term and get better grades than last term (T&C: Ok so the latter part is not exactly a promise but it shall eventually happen if I did the former part really really well right? Right.)
*big teary eyes*

So, this trip will be like some sorts of reward for me in the end lah. OMG I don't know why I am so excited about it right now I feel like I can finish the whole Microbiology notes in one night and totally lost my mood to watch the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango on mysoju! Yes, I am that thrilled! Pfft, what Gu Jun Pyo hello Immuno, hello Microb!!*wave feverishly*

Like seriously can you not tell that I am super-duper excited right now? *banana dance*

Yeah gonna travel again! I love going somewhere new who don't right? Especially if you manage to cut almost half of your expenses while doing it. Free accommodation, free food, having the best tour guide for free of course, free transportation (excluding the flight ticket coz I strictly wanna dig my own bank account(or my parent's hehe) for that so that I feel like at least I(/my parent) got pay for something *sigh~*).

For future reference, I am not going on this trip just because of all the free things or for the fact that the Boyfriend keep on nagging me about it but because I feel like I want to go coz I don't to like keep on contemplating about it and end up not going thus resulted in me regreting and wondering what would it be like if I go during my holiday.

Oh, oh, had to stop now gotta go study liao. Bye y'all.

UPDATE: Kuching trip canceled. Sigh~ nvm we still have next time don't we?

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Well, girl...
You just missed the greatest trip of your life!

CoNnie said...

eih just notice ur comment! LOL

yalor.. dun worry there's always next time =D