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Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is what I've been up to earlier this week. Online shopping! I never really was a fan of online shopping before as I had time trusting a middle person to carry around my purchase and the fact that I need to use my imagination to browse the item. But everything changed when I found out about Rootote, I really love the cute and simple designs that they have and instantly fall in love with it. But just one setback it is so expensive not to mention the cost of the shipping!

Luckily, I found out about TinyTapir. Other than selling reusable sanitary pads(I seriously never knew this kind of thing even existed prior to this!) this Malaysia based environmental friendly website also sells Roototes. Although in a lesser variety than of the Australian based but hey its better than nothing right? So, after long consideration I've decided to buy a rootote.

cute isn't it?

The procedures was easy when it comes to payment and the owner was very efficient. And I received my Rootote within 5days.

Its hard to not to get addicted to these things I tell you. After my successfull purchase with TinyTapir, I started browsing on Loving Minerals which is also another Malaysia based website for mineral makeup. I've long heard about this company and how well their service are. And I have just one word to describe them-->FAST!

The package+discount coupon! (bad omen for my bank account T__T)

It took only 3days for me to get my purchase. Well suppose to be 3days lah since I've missed the 1st delivery attempt I had to wait for the second attempt which is today. And I bought:

Monuave lipgloss+my FREE Everyday Mineral eyeshadow sample in Honey Brown

I am actually quite impressed by the product quality as I didn't expect it to be that good. Personally I loves the eyeshadow. The powder is really smooth and it doesn't crease that much. I am sure gonna get myself a few other colour next time since I have a discount coupon to be used (though its only 5% it is sooo tempting, Damn that loving minerals business strategy!!).

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