Friday, February 13, 2009

Been trying really really hard to cram for my assessment tomorrow but just can't help myself from being steer off from it. And there is still like a gazillion notes and pages that I haven't go through yet. I am so gonna F**k this one out. So much for my perfect score *wave goodbye to it**proceed by giving myself a virtual well deserve kick on my Gluteus Maximus* Sigh~

Drank a bottle of Red Bull earlier tonight so guess I wont be sleeping until 4 or 5. Never mind I can sleep during the stupid visit presentation tomorrow. No one will be interested enough to look at me drools anyway. *shifty eyes*

Parasites is disgusting. Period.

Went to Maybank to open up a new saving account but couldn't. Reason: coz I don't live near by and its suspicious. wtf. had to get a support letter for it. Lucky its not that troublesome.

I am so tired but I can't sleep. It must be the Red Bull.

DVD-ROM driver is working again. False alarm just need a good cleaning then its good to go. Took me 2 freaking weeks to think about cleaning it up before trying it again. Lucky I didn't send it for service I'd might wasted a week of lunch money on it. Moral of the story clean your driver Connie!

I had a tummy ache. Oh wait its gone now. Maybe because of the spicy tuna I took just now. Never mind its gone now anyway.

This post seems like it would never ends just like my notes.

I guess I'm angry about something. Or just simply depressed. I don't know. This feeling is very tiresome.

My plurk's karma is plunging dangerously low and I don't care.

Valentine's day is this Saturday. The gift doesn't seem that appealing to me but I hope you like it.

"Am I a jester in your court?" keep ringing on my head right now gotta let it out somewhere. So am I?

UPDATE: He loves the gift and I'm glad.

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