The Flu

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally had to comeback to this hellhole KL.

Sigh after 2 month being in the comfort of my own home leaving home is way too hard for me. No more home cooked meal, no more Astro, no more shitty streamyx connection, no more Mocha trying to invade my room and wake me up early in the
afternoon morning, no Mocha insight. NO MORE MOCHA Y_Y!!! Mocha I Miss chuu~~ wuwuwuwuwu...WTF

Some more I had to stay in this apartment all alone for the whole week alone. Creepy~ Chickenhearted me had to put on all the light just so that I am brave enough to go to the toilet FML. But scared no more, all of my housemate is finally coming back today!! <-- Pathetic -.-"


You know ur life is boring when u realise that the highlight of the week is u being sick. Gahh!~ Thought I manage to escape from being infected by my brother. So hooray now I am officially a walking petri dish. Due to the recent H1N1 hoo-hah, everytime I sneeze I can see people moving 1 step further away from me. It felt like walking in an imaginary bubble Y__Y . What a wrong timing to catch a cold.

Hopefully the cold will be gone by the weekend. The notes are piling up and mutha-effker I had 27 (!!) learning issue to worry about. FML.

UPDATE: There's a rumor that been circulating around saying that there will a screening for H1N1 next week. By the look of my condition now quarantine is not a choice. Oh well at least there will be good food around, methinks. Err.. hospital food anyone?

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