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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Had to wake up early today and go to my faculty. Yes faculty on a Sunday. But, its not academia thingy we just HAD to attend this junior-welcomingish kinda ceremony. Since dragging my ass to the ceremony means me getting merits i just had to come.

Btw, how do people do this merit system anyway? How on earth did people manage to get up to 400+ points and still manage to have their sanity intact?!! wtf wtf. And mind you the highest points i see is only about 20 and that is for the president of some major project! And major projects are scarce and often took a LOOOOONNNGGGG time to plan and life draining i mean all those late night meetings. They must be hella good in time management or alien *cue for x-files*

Anywayssss, i just came for the merits so after signing the attendance, meet some of the junior i straight away
membawa diri and went groceries shopping *proud*. Seriously after the house finally bought a fridge i am constantly like 'hmm what to eat tomorrow?' and get excited over discounts onion. T________T

Bought new dutch lady papaya flavored yogurt today. Have you try it? And though the thought of combining papaya and yogurt may be a big turn off but surprisingly it tasted great ^^. They didn't used the mushy over ripen papaya instead they used the one that still tad hard just the way i like it. I wonder if it makes a good mask? Since it is well known that yogurt and the papaya's enzyme papain is good for the skin and all. Hmm.. gonna give it a try next time.

Talking about the skin, i was blog hopping few days ago and accidentally terstumble at this one online shop selling cheap mineral makeup from Signature Minerals and this organic skincare Pai. Being one who's obsessed with mineral makeup i definitely gonna try this one out after i ran out of my Body Shop mineral foundation since it is waayyyy cheaper.

But what intrigued me the most is this skincare line called Pai. They claimed to be chemical free and use only 100% natural organic ingredient in their products heck they even state their ingredient in normal english! No confusing long twisting chemical names. Their products even have an expiry date due to the lack of preservative.
Their packaging is pretty too <--vanity cant help it (i'm a women do the math) T____T However the price is bank breaking though. RM116 for a bottle of 125ml cleanser? It might be a good investment in a long run though. Studying medicine and knowing the devastating effects of cancers makes me more aware of the cancers risk factors available on our everyday life. In our daily skincare products for example, chemical preservatives such as Parabens, Sodium Hydroxmethylglycinate or Propylene Glycol*inserts more confusing long twisting chemical names here* are carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) and the fact that we apply it on everyday and absorbs it increase our risk of getting cancer. Yikes! So the question remain, is RM116 worth it for a bottle of 125ml cleanser? UPDATE: Press my ads! if you want the review *winks*

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is RM116 worth it for a bottle of 125ml cleanser?