Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too stress, Too hot kenot tahan liao~

*streak ala the sims2 university*

I kid I kid.

On the contrary i am so free thanks to the recent H1N1 scare in our college. Sigh lets just hope this 1 week 'holiday' does not affect my midterm break. I'm not mentally prepare for this holiday wtf. I mean I need another holiday. Sigh but to make that possible it could only mean one thing REPLACEMENT CLASSES!! Imma die.

KL is so hot these days. I swear if i go out more than 10min during noon i can spontaneously combust no kidding. T_____T

Anyway I finally went to shopping due to my desperate(?) need to find something to wear for this weekend masquerade dinner *secretly excited* Manage to find the type of skirts that I've been craving for!! and I bought 2 so my happiness is multiply by 2 :)))) its so cute I tell you, too cute. Shall post the outfit pics soon!

That is not all after year long search for the perfect nude colour lipstick i finally found it!!!! Now nobody can say i look pale anymore.Haa!

Now pardon my sucky camera and pretend that the picture is clear wtf.

Isn't it the packaging is the darnest thing ever?*channeling inner bimboness*

Me and my friend was walking around Sungei wang and came across this new Etude House outlet. Since they were having sale so we decided to check thing out. I wasn't really big on Etude House for some reason but damn this lipstick changed me!

The name of the lipstick is
Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips (#9 Nude Shine) beside being a mouthful it is also redunkulous O.o. I mean with a name like that how can you take it seriously? Redunkulous i tell you. Luckily i decide to ignore the name and gave it a try.

The colour is a bit sheer. It have a bit of shimmer. The texture is smooth so the lipstick felt like it just glide on your lips. However it have this sickly sweet scent to it though make you feel like you wanna eat it O.o

It is also not drying unlike a lot of lipstick that I've tried before. Some of the lippie that I had before always made my lips chap after a few hours of usage so I'm quite impressed when I still have a perfect lips going on after a few hour. However you do need to reapply after meal though cos they don't really last but hey at least you save the trouble of removing it later eh?

Unfortunately I forgot how much i buy it cos i buy it along with some other stuff plus its on sale so I cant really tell. Haha. But I think its worth it. This is definitely going to be one of the few item found in my bag now.

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CaRoL Kc said...

buy me one!! the lipstick i mean.