premature monday's blue

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Sunday people. This means the end of my favorite time of the week-the weekend. Gosh all this 8-7 lectures is not doing me any good at all. In the midst of trying to catch up with homework, studies, socializing (damn you FB *showing ma middle finger*), and kept reminding myself that i need to take something nutritious other than my RedBull, bread and Vono quick fix all this hecticness is pulling me slowly in a downward spiral.

Why did everythings had to come at one week. The convo clinical booth, dog-a-thon(which i really wanna go!), stupid last minute convo performance thingy, facing the strictest clinical mentor for the first time, the pressure of making a positive first impression, worrying not to screw up in front of her, two PBL, covering TWO modules for next week ASSessment which would contribute 20% for the final exam! and staying alive after all that. fml.

All this gave me De Javu. I don't need anybody to remind me about that cause it haunts me daily. Just because I came out strong doesn't meant I'm invincible.

Note to self: Study, eat, Ramones, Coldplay, oh and sleep.

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