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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ok so the waiting game is officially over and I am on the good side... I think but anyway WHOOPDEEDOO!! *freakybananadance*

So I am now in a middle of packing my life into boxes and suitcases cause I am moving to hell a new hostel. Bye-bye pretty-spacious-awesome views condo, squeaky bed and single room u have served me well for the past 2years I am gonna miss u *sobsob* Gonna move into a much smaller place and had to share it with two other people And a bunk bed FML. This teach me not to be ungrateful to the squeaky bed *smackhead*


Got a taste of the whole hospital setting before starting the real thing. Cant say it is the most wonderful feeling ever but here is the summary that I've made after my very short session with each of the discipline (the whole week was only an introduction and I only spent 2days with each of them),

1)The first class is on Ob&Gyn. The Good(G): uhm.. I could now differentiate a baby's head and butt while in the belly? The Bad(B): have the most vicious breed of lecturers ever known to mankind *sigh*, stretch marks? *sighx4575894098*

2)Surgery. (G): these breed of lecturers are much more calmer in nature, the jokes they made can make you laugh like bunch of hyenas but you must train self to stop on cue -_____-". Surgeon = The Jocks, well when they are not in scrub, no offence but I just cant seem to take them seriously when they're wearing scrub with those croc shoes. So far only Scrub(the tv shows) are able to make the scrub look acceptable. (B): not available for the moment.

3)Internal med. (G): Physician = The geeks. The nature of this breed of lecturers are unpredictable but the physician that was happen to take my group was super awesome so despite of the information overload after each sessions with her it is safe to say that I kinda like it here :) (B): Prepare to drown yourself in readings.

Note to self: invest in good shoes. I'm obviously not made to stand up more than 3hour straight *whinymode*

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Nitin said...

if this is you getting into the grove of things. it sounds like a lot of fun :P