small victory.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I, finally manage to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

An easy one but, solved it nonetheless. I. Freaking. Solve. It.

Ok ok for those people who can actually solved a crazy ass sudoku puzzle with their eyes close maybe this is not something to shout about but for me to manage to solve one is like discovering a new earth on an entirely different solar system.

Wtf even my analogy are getting more and more geeky now *pushes glasses up on nose*. And if that doesn't show how much of a geek I have become, might I once again point out that I am playing Sudoku to kill time.



3 Diagnosis Made:

Abet said...

Haha... good for you... i never even tried to solve any Sudoku puzzle..

Didin't want to mess up my brain more than i already have...

Biarla berkarat..~~

christina said...

that's a huge deal. i could never figure one of those damn things out i refuse to try. they make me mad haha. good job,smart woman!

CoNnie said...

@Abet: Haha bahaya tu mo kac biar berkarat! But seriously after u try it once and succeed ko trus addicted tu.

@christina: I know right! Haha.. I used to think that it is impossible to be done too. But I think if I do it without the comp to tell me I was wrong I would've probably gone mad too.