dear god, please bend my road straight. thank you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

had to go back to KL on Thursday. too soon. home haven't quite sink in to me and yet i already had to leave it cause of some stupid decision i've made. too ridiculous to even worth to be mention.
but then again maybe this is what i need every year to keep reminding me that i'm not the brightest one out there and that i need to work extra hard to get what i want.
in some way i'm glad that this happen, weird. but yes i do indeed felt that way. nowadays i felt like life felt more natural when i screw up or some shit happen. my life, felt like were never meant to go on a straight road fml. i felt all messed up sometimes, and i always gone all jealous and shit over somebody else's perfect, carefree life but in a way i gotten more appreciative to that small good thing in my life like the family, the bf, the friends and random kind strangers.
i'm glad that i can still deal with most of these stupid shit myself and haven't go bananapeshit. like i said, i prob gotten used to it so much i've become immune to my stupid shit. though i sometimes couldn't fathom why i did what i did. it's crazy.
sharing is so not my favourite option to vent cause frankly if all you can offer me is 'aww, i'm sorry', 'i feel bad for you', or other unhelpful similar shit please, don't. i have enough of them to go around forever.

dear god, how much more bends on my road anyway? i'm getting weary you see.

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