Friday, April 8, 2011

exam week is finally O.V.E.R and i'm home. Finally!

so enough talking about exam. for a thing that brought crazy amount of stress to me i think i've given the issue way to many credit by even ranting about it countless amount of time in this blog. i think by the amount of rant posts regarding all the exams that i've been through, i might have single handedly contribute and reaffirm the stereotypes that life as a medical student only revolve around exams and thus we are a creatures that never sleeps, always have a thick, heavy medical book within an arm reach, our sole conversation topics are only of medical related that we practically fluent in greek and latin, clinically half-blind/blind without our glasses, a walking medical encyclopedia and our definition of fun is a game of pin the name of the muscles on the cadaver a la pin the tail on the donkey , and many, many more!

wtf i sounds like i'm on nuclear meltdown (too soon?) or something. but seriously other than the part where we are clinically half-blind without our glasses and the thick medical book within an arm reach (can't help it, cause i do live in the hostel where i was surrounded by my books) i don't actually fit into the venn diagram of a stereotypical medical student. as much as i wish i was in that venn diagram cause then i won't  have to be so stress out about exams cause i'm a freakin' medical encyclopedia! i honestly think that none of the medical student can actually fit into that stereotypes perfectly, so far. 

yeah we do stress a lot on our exam, some more than other *coughpointselfcough* but we still do go out for a movie, go for a date and other stuffs like..., oh good lord i can't think of anymore. k lah donwan to explain myself already not like i'm obligated to do so oso. 



by the frequency that i blog which evidently infrequent (i'm sorry!!!11), i wonder is anybody really out there reading this blog other than the spammer. cause i got to ask, what is your medical student stereotypes?

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ah^kam_koko' said...

I'm reading. hahaha~~
Exam stress will be nothing compared to the stress you will feel when you have someone's life in your hands.

About your question. I have no stereotype. Just that I hear that medic students are very sexually active. Care to comment?

CoNnie said...

@ah^kam_koko': true that, i'm glad i don't have to face that kind of pressure, yet!

bout the sexually active part IMO since we're studying in this field i guess we're tends to be more open minded about the idea and the fact that they know how to protect themselves well is indeed a plus. however, as far as i know those who are sexually active is just that very minuscule percentage,but then again the norm of our society doesn't exactly made us go around and tell everybody that we've been sleeping around do we?