i'm feeling like a kid.

Friday, April 22, 2011

the first week was tough, but i think i've been coping with things well. the unpredictable mood swings is very much nerve wrecking. Getting the most weirdest cases on my bed is making me lose some sleep time. le sigh.

the coughing came at the worst timing ever, if it weren't for the fact that i almost lost my voice from it i wouldn't waste my energy to walk all the to the other end of the hospital to buy the much needed cough syrup. which out of the whole being so goddamn tired from the lack of sleep and such, i ended up accidentally bought the one for little kids and i only notice it when i've opened the screw top AND drank the cherry flavoured cough syrup!

but it was all good though, cough was slightly better now i was barking like a dog no more and voice was not gone. at least i have that now.

week 2, better. but the future scares me. i wanna go home.

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