the Balls that is Love.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warning site may contain some mouth watering graphic. Excessive parasympathetic stimulation and unexplainable craving might occur. Viewer discretion is advised. Words of advice: do prepare a box of Kleenex. That ought to help. 

I wanna go to Melaka and eat some balls, literally wtf.

No. I have not gone crazy yet. And I really do mean Balls.

Ice balls and Rice balls that is.

All that gooey juice on top of it.

The numbing coldness that it gives.

The different textures. Soft, crunchy, slippery, smooth, and gritty. 


Damnit I'm making myself hungry.

2 Diagnosis Made:

Abet said...

wa.. sadaap....~~~ sia pun mau....

CoNnie said...

ya ya mari pg melaka makan cendol sja!! hehe..