Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday baby bro.

If you're still here, 

Your friends are gonna throw you an awesome surprise birthday party, they probably do some naughty prank to the birthday boy. We'll be making that obligatory phone call to wish you a happy birthday by the stroke of midnight (fine, I just hate to let you know that I've been waiting for the moment to wish you) and you would start asking us for presents (note the 's'), birthday wishes will start to flood your phone inbox, you'll be having the time of your life with your new friends at a new place.

If you are still here to experience life as you're suppose to, I know you would love it.


How I wish you had that moment. 

But I guess celebrating it anywhere is the same right? I am sure Grandpa and our Grandmas are celebrating it with you up there. 

Happy 19th Birthday kid. I'll eat your portion of the cake for you. =)

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Apple Pie said...

happy birthday too.

kenwooi said...

im sorry to hear about that..
that's a sweet message.. =(

nurul khairunie said...

happy birthday calvin.

Gisya19 said...

happy birthday to calvin. he probably having big party up there. :)

Khairieah said...

i wish the same too.. :)