Charity rarity

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just got back from the orphanage for community service.
I was playing with one of the toddler there when I found this.
Fine, I might have played it for awhile before I decide to return it to the little kid.
We were both amused by the semi-complete jingling ball T^T
Both of us agree that the eyes were creeping us out.
Our attempts of trying to cover the creepy-looking eyes kept us entertained for half an hour.
I wanna tell her so bad it is a semi-complete ball, but it would be like telling santa does not exist.
I was seriously tempted though *evil*
But after several futile effort she grew bored of it and requested me to play with her.
Play as in she wants to be a supergirl and running around chasing bad guy (read: me) kinda play.
I almost die.
Thanks to the ball I manage to break the ice.
Just one problem though, by the end of the service I got one kid clinging to me refusing to let go.

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