step by step

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

...oh baby~ sorry cannot resist myself. Hehehehe... *ignore*

In amidst of all the exam frenziness and craziness, I still manage to find time to be secretly obsess with Stepmania. Fine, maybe it is not so secret if you can hear me jumping about trying to catch up with my steps. Being graceful is so not my forte you see, and apparently I am not much of a dancer too. And to say I've been dancing since I was like in crawling stage wtf. Haih maybe I'd lost my touch or steps or something.

This is me trying to find balance wtf.

I used to swim last time. But not until recently, swimming is no longer an option since the owner of the place where I stay still think that a girl can get pregnant if a boy and a girl were to be in the same pool together. And thus they decided that if you have a vagina you can only go swimming from 10am to 3pm. The rest is for all the danglers *grumble grumble* Since my class is usually from 8am-5pm there is no way that I'll be able to swim. Sigh. 

Well at least I'm having my work out. The Stepmania had got me sweating like a pig. I better be losing weight from all the jumping dancing, sweating, and not to mention piles of clothes to wash afterward! Plus, I so need my endorphins now, all this studying is killing me!!

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