Monday, January 25, 2010

Laptop is down with virus and I had to format it. It took me quite a while before I go and format it cause I have to cram for the Friday's double assessment FML. And the fucking virus only allow me to go to my Facebook, Youtube, and Plurk page only! So I have to bear with only that for 3 days. I feel like I'm on internet diet wtf.

Hate it when I had to format my laptop. I'm fine with the data loss cause basically I kept most of my data on my external hard drive. But I am just going to miss my Sims 2. I have a very successful sims okay! *mourn*


Maybe all of this is a message from the universe telling me that it is time for me to concentrate on my Sims 3 *cough* education.

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christina said...

i downloaded a virus and it ate my whole computer. almost literally. all for some stupid mandy moore song. ha. so i know how you feel love :(

Chicago Girl said...

I'm sorry! That is SO frustrating!! Not quite the same thing, but I remember when I was in college and had spent forever writing a 10-12 page paper. I even stayed up most of the night before finishing it. The next morning, when I turned on the computer to print the paper, something happend with the disk and I couldn't get to my paper and then it was gone. It was awful!!!! Hang in there--things always turn around.

ah^kam_koko' said...

I know what you mean about Internet deprivation.

CaRoL said...

I feel you sista~~

CoNnie said...

@christina: All for some Mandy Moore song? That's sad.

@Chicago Girl: Ouch! That's horrible. My problem is nothing compared to your 10-12 page paper!

@ah^kam_koko': Haha.. and you're so well coping with it :)

@CaRoL: wuwuwu..