Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wire hairband thingy. 
I used to refrain myself from using it cause everybody still was crazy about it. I don't want to succumb into another fad. Who would want to use telephone wire as a hairband? 
Until I saw the transparent one that is. 

My unruly hair. 
I have the finest hair ever!
So fine I feel bald sometimes. 
Exam season is the worst its like whenever I touch my hair a few strands would shed.
I even try to keep track of how many strands of hair had fallen (normal 80-100) per day just to keep myself sane.

wtf I'm so pathetic.
I tried almost everything from vitamins, herbs, diets, tonic you name it but nothing seems to work. All because I can't take the stress out of the equation.
I am 21 year old and I am going bald. *sigh*

See. Stress.

Pictures looks awesome today cause I got myself a new digital camera. And it got this pinhole scene mode which I adore. ^^
BTW this is my 100th post!! What a way to celebrate it huh?

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Chicago Girl said...

We shold form a "fine hair forever" club--I'm 28 and am still always messing with trying to figure out ways to make fine hair look fabulous. And I'm always feeling bald--you are not alone! Well, if it's any consolation, I heard that when you become pregnant, the hormones usually make your hair the opposite and it usually stays that way for life. So, if we have a lot of kids, we'll have thick, gorgeous hair before long! Myth? I'm not sure.

carol said...

you bought it already??!! cis..

nurul khairunie said...

i always use wire band because it's so cheap! tapi pandai longgar oh haha.

cheers for the 100th post!

christina said...

found you on blog catalog, your blogs absolutely adorable. i'll trade you hair too, mines so freaking thick it drives me insaneee.

CoNnie said...

@Chicago Girl: Well if you decide to do form the club sign me up! LOL
About the pregnancy thing I hope it's true and not the other way around if not we're screw!

@carol: =D

@nurul khairunie: iya, but it makes my hair looks full so no complain here.

@christina: Thanks^^, I wish I could trade my hair with yours too!

H. Nizam said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friends Connect. I am now following your blog too. Let's keep in touch.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Don't worry... ppl lose hair every day.
It's more obvious if you've got long hair.

CoNnie said...

@H. Nizam: Sure. Your blog is a good read.

@ah^kam_koko': yeah but it's nerve wrecking. By my rate I think I can produce a wig by the end of next month! LOL